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Tips to Ensure a Memorable Portrait

Careful planning and choice of clothing are essential to ensure a successful and memorable portrait. George has listed some of the main general considerations below. He provides a more detailed list of helpful tips to clients during the pre-shoot Consultation between George and the Client after the portrait has been commissioned.
An important first decision is whether the portrait is to be made indoors in the studio or outside. Lighting with large flash units in studio portraits usually can be better controlled than with those done outside, although portable fill-flash units work quite well outdoors.
Portraits of infants and small children are best done after 10:00 am. Infants of age 5-6 months are very active and expressive, but are (usually) unable to roll over or crawl, making the portrait shoot a pleasure for all. Usually about ten minutes is the period of time one can maintain the interest and attention of infants and toddlers, so these sessions are relatively short.
Couples and small groups should wear clothing of the same color or at least from the same tonal range. Adults and teen’s garments should have long sleeves and women to be photographed full length should wear long skirts, pants or dark stockings.
It is important that the portrait appointment be scheduled sufficiently far enough in advance to ensure all those who are to be included will be able to be present for the shoot. The lead time increases in line with the numbers of people to be in the portrait. For large groups the shoot date may need to be scheduled many months in advance. Clothing choices for larger family groups need careful co-ordination. This ensures that individuals do not stand out, unless of course that is the wish of the Client.


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